Coin Year Sets 

Each Year Set contains an example of each coin struck by the United States Mint in that year. These make great Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, or other Special Occasion Gifts.

Year Sets can be assembled for almost any year.
The price is determined by the year of the set and the condition of the coins in each set.

Special Requests Welcomed!
 Please e-mail the year(s) of interest and we will get back with a prompt quote. After receiving pricing information, please click here to order online.

We recommend ordering the US Proof Set for years after 1956

Each custom assembled set is packaged in a hard plastic holder that displays both sides of each coin.The following inserts are available.

Snap Lock Holder Snap Lock Holder

Optional framed glass holder is available.
5"x7" in size and has a "cut-out" for insertion of a picture.
Blue Background
Solid Oak Frame

Frame Holder
5 Coin - Cent Through Half
$11.95 Out Of Stock

6 Coin - Cent Through Dollar (SBA Or Sacagawea)

6 Coin - Cent Through Dollar (Silver Eagle)

6 Coin - Cent Through Dollar (Morgan Or Peace)

Example prices are as follows. These are estimates only.
The exact price depends on the grade of coins available and the number of coins in each set.

    Coins in good or better grade with clear dates. Prices subject to market fluctuations and grade of coins used in the set.
  • 1900 - 1918 $29.95 and up.
  • 1919 $79.95 and up.
  • 1920 $29.95 and up.
  • 1921 $195.95 and up.
  • 1923 $89.95 and up.
  • 1927 - 1929 $19.95 and up.
  • 1934 - 1939 $19.95 and up.
    Coins in fine or better grade
  • 1940 - 1950 $19.95 and up.
  • 1951 - 1956 $19.95 and up.

Special Birth Year Mint Set And Stamp Set 

Each set measures 10 by 13 inches.
Graphically displays national and international world events for that specific year.
Full Color.
Stamps commemorating the event with first day US Postal cancellation.
Original US Mint Set for that year.
Back explains displayed events in detail.
Suitable for framing.

Only one set available for each of the following years
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