Currency Display Options 

Top Load Currency Sleeve 
These clear plastic envelopes offer dual visibility with the ultimate in protection for your notes. Electronically-sealed edges permit easy handling and stacking.
   Currency Holder

For Modern Notes

$0.35 Each

25 Holders - $0.30 Each

For Older Large Size Notes

$0.50 Each

25 Holders - $0.40 Each

Currency Pages 
Sturdy crystal clear polished Vinyl pages with electronically sealed edges, offer both side visibility. Pages fit standard U.S. 81/2 x 11" 3-Ring notebooks.
   Currency Holder

For Modern Notes

$0.89 Each

10 Pages - $0.69 Each

For Older Large Size Notes

$0.89 Each

10 Pages - $0.69 Each

Premium Single Note Holder 
The BCW currency holders are a two-piece precision fit snap together display giving you the highest level of protection for your valuable currency. These crystal clear polystyrene holders are arguably the nicest holders on the market.
   Currency Holder

Premium display for modern notes.
Crystal clear hard plastic prevents notes from being mishandled or damaged.
Holders are acid free which gives your notes archival quality storage protection.
Precision fit two-piece snap together design for easy loading.
Holders provide visibility of both sides of the note.
Excellent for long term storage
Inside: 2 11/16" X 6 3/16"
Overall: 3 5/8" X 7"

$4.95 Each

5 Holders - $3.95 Each Out Of Stock

10 Holders - $2.95 Each Out Of Stock

Currency Holder

Premium display for older large size notes.
Inside: 3 1/4" X 7 1/2"
Overall: 4 1/8" X 8 1/4"

$5.95 Each

5 Holders - $4.95 Each

10 Holders - $3.95 Each

The Finest Currency Holders for your Choicest Currency  
The Capital Plastic currency holders are made of two panels of clear acrylic that is 3/16" or 1/8" thick depending on the holder and screw together with plastic screws. They are without a doubt the finest holders available for your choicest currency.
   Currency Holder

Display for modern notes.

$13.95 Each Out Of Stock

Display for older Large size notes.

$15.95 Each

Currency Strap Holder Handcrafted in the USA!  
Acrylic crystal clear, screw type holder. Helps prevent damage and offers UV protection. Holds full strap (100 notes) of Modern Currency
   Currency Holder

$24.95 Each

Currency Inspection Lamp  
You trust Armored Brand USA for your "Collection Protection", now we can assist with your "Collection Inspection"!

Overhead UV lamp aids detection of security features and chemicals

White back light aids detection of pin holes, repairs and watermarks.

Size gauge to assist in detecting trimmed notes

   Currency Holder

$34.95 Each

Cotton Lint Free Gloves
No More Finger Prints On Your Notes!
$2.50 Pair

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